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The Democrats as a Gang

by Sonya Green

It is extremely important and most urgent to understand how we arrived to where we are today, in a world riddled with corruption, socialistic teachings, beliefs and practices.  Looking at the turn of events in our judicial system, political arenas and public education; from primary to universities, it’s clear the majority of the moral compass has been under attack. In my opinion, our great nation is approximately 70% conservative, 20% radical socialists and about 10% Libertarian/Independents if you will. So, what happened? Money, greed, criminality? Of course! What did it take to establish a force of corruption upon the majority? Simple, the answer is to form a gang. Anyone that knows or heard of a gang, understands 2 things; loyalty and no escaping it. The Democrat Party has much acted and performed like a gang for decades. They have been able to manipulate foreign countries, make special interest deals, that obviously was to benefit themselves and not the people they were to represent. Money solidified their power as they inspired those teachings through horrible TV shows and movies, that money represented SUCCESS, POWER AND RESPECT. Just like a gang. So how were they really successful in manipulating a public in just 50 plus short years? Through insecurities, lies, drugs, disparity and oppression. Again, the same tactics gangs use to attract members and keep them. Looking at these gang members running for office, which is more than it should be, is absolutely mind blowing where their thought processes lie. However, if you ever spoke to a gang member, your mind would be blown in just the same way. They do not operate on a legitimate platform, they operate on a power-driven ideology which is money, fear and ultimate control. To overcome the people, they must create fear by instilling insecurities from oppression type methods. Hence, everyone is a racist that doesn’t agree with their horrible policies, hypocritical practices and teachings. 

It’s not hard to understand we are under attack and of late the severity was much larger than we thought even a month ago. So how do we combat a gang? It’s really simple. We assemble as we would in a church. God must be our forefront in everything we do. Why? Because we are serving the people. To serve the people, we must serve God first. God overshadows the evil that has grown significantly, even though in some cases we gave it food and water. We must assemble on the basis of good will for all men! We will not be ashamed or take lightly the things that are important for our community and will encourage and demand all voices to be heard. In other words, we become the judicial branch over the socialists that are in our municipality, including the upcoming socialists that are planning to land a seat. We must be visible at all times. We must bring “Order” to an unjust idealism that has been sabotaging our city, state and country. We start with us and build our army.

Patriot for Freedom

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