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Audit Election Results Every Time

The Huntington Beach Republican Assembly (HBRA) calls on Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley to institute the auditing of election results after each election as a best practice.

An independent audit by a qualified firm would (1) improve public confidence in the integrity of our elections, (2) identify areas of concern for future improvement, and (3) put to rest unjustified concerns.

A properly designed audit would equally identify problems of voting fraud and voter suppression.  Such post-election audits merely reveal facts about the election for future purposes and have no potential to affect any votes or overturn the results of any completed and certified election.  As such there should be no partisan objection to this best practice.

Governments and private companies routinely have their financial statements verified by independent auditors.  Investors and taxpayers demand this and voters should demand no less when it comes to their elections.

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